Monday, 18 July 2011

Masks completed.

I've finally completed painting the masks that will act as the 2nd animal for the children who are playing them in the production of Noah's Ark  this coming weekend at Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society. Each child will be dressed in a face/head mask and will also carry their 2nd animal on these sticks we have attached to the masks.

Before they get wrecked (as tends to happen when children and props are put together!) I thought I'd take some photos of them to show you.

I shouldn't really have to explain what animals they all are, so I will leave that up to you:

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Latest commission

Just thought I'd share my recent commission for a decorated notebook with you. This one is to be given as a gift for a teacher - which, in my (completely unbiased, of course) opinion, is a great present. A very personal, original gift that will also be practical as well as decorative. I hope Mr Crisp is happy with it when he receives it at the end of term this coming week!