Aspirations, Inspirations & Admirations - Andrea Farmer

I often see work online that I find inspirational, or that I admire. I read about other artists to whom I aspire and who often motivate me. Therefore I thought I would share those artists and their work (with their permission) on here.

I am starting with a fellow member of the Rogue Gene Gallery website - Andrea Farmer. Her output has always astounded me. Andrea paints breath-taking abstract landscapes in oil which are simply stunning, as well as being a very creative soul - she creates "wearable art" which you can buy from her Etsy shop here and which I have seen first hand. I particularly like her bib necklaces and felt brooches.

This painting, "Sands of Time",  is one of my favourites:

I love the rich colours in this painting and the texture she has created within the landscape. You can buy this from her personal website at .


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