Monday, 26 November 2012

3 out of 4 new notebooks sold!

I've just finished four new painted notebooks, three of which are already sold. These seem to be getting more and more popular as Christmas comes around again - I suppose they are ideal little stocking fillers for all ages.

Here are the four I've completed:


Night Vision


I've sold the bottom three - the top one, Glitterati is not yet sold, but I would imagine before too long it will be, as I am at several more craft fairs before Christmas - the next one is on Saturday December 1st from 12 till 5pm at the New Life Church Hall, Bridlington Avenue, Hull. In aid of the charity Colombia Childcare, which helps impoverished children in  Colombia. Entrance to this event is £1.50 which includes a mince pie, tea or coffee. Link to the event on Facebook is here.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Autumn Trees Painting

Yesterday I did an image search on Google with the phrase "Autumn Trees Paintings" and found a copious cornucopia of creativity! OK, I realise I've overdone the abundance in that sentence, but I really did see a lot of tree paintings in my results! I love trees, and representations of them in any form are appealing to me. I particularly like ancient, gnarled trunks with bare branches against a sunset sky!

Here's one that particularly caught my eye with the colours and texture within. It's painted by Carmen Guedez and I just love the way she's painted the leaves on the tree by applying paint directly from the tube to create a very 3-dimensional effect.

I contacted Carmen to ask her permission for posting the image on my blog and I'm happy to say that she has allowed me to do so. Having looked at her web-site I am sure I will be a regular visitor there now - she has so many beautiful paintings that really do appeal to me! You can see for yourself by clicking on this link, which will open in a new window: Carmen Guedez

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I Know Him So Well.....

I've had my weekly singing lesson this morning, and my teacher has decided that as well as the solo performance I am rehearsing for at the show (which is now re-scheduled for February 3rd 2013), that I could do a duet with another one of her private students, also called Helen! I immediately suggested "I Know Him So Well" because I really like it - and after singing it through with Stephanie (my teacher) a few times, I am glad she approved of my choice. However, I can't help but think about the hilarious parody of it created by French & Saunders, which will always make me laugh - when Dawn French kept coming in too early, then held a note for far too long, and finally forgot the lyrics and just made up words!!  If you haven't seen the French & Saunders sketch, and know the song already, it's worth watching:

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

UpMarket in Prospect Centre, Hull

I'm pleased to report that after a successful run of Oklahoma last week, I am now preparing for the newly managed pop up market in the centre of Hull this coming Saturday, 10th November. It is being organised by the management of this busy shopping centre in a bid to utilise the empty area known as the atrium. Once a thriving food court, it now plays host to a variety of events on weekends, this pop-up market is to take place on the 2nd Saturday of every month and will show-case a wide variety of local stalls in order to attract as wide a customer base as possible. Run by Eve Lomax, who has negotiated with the management team, it promises to be a very successful event. Eve has had several years of experience in running events, and runs her own business creating children's wall art on canvas along with cotton bags of various styles which are designed to suit almost any occasion. In particular, her newly created Christmas sacks are proving very popular. You can visit Eve's page, Crafty Beggars,  on Facebook.

With over 40 stalls booked for the first of these markets, there should be plenty to choose from. I am preparing some Christmas Tree Decorations - examples below, as well as some more cup-cake key rings/bag charms,  and my latest cup-cake trinket boxes will also be on display.

If you know anyone who lives in the Hull or East Riding of Yorkshire area, please do let them know about this new venture - I will probably be buying one or two early Christmas gifts myself!

If you are on Facebook, you can join the event to show your support, and invite friends as well by clicking on the link here.

Here are a few examples of the new Christmas tree decorations I've been creating for the weekend: