Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I Know Him So Well.....

I've had my weekly singing lesson this morning, and my teacher has decided that as well as the solo performance I am rehearsing for at the show (which is now re-scheduled for February 3rd 2013), that I could do a duet with another one of her private students, also called Helen! I immediately suggested "I Know Him So Well" because I really like it - and after singing it through with Stephanie (my teacher) a few times, I am glad she approved of my choice. However, I can't help but think about the hilarious parody of it created by French & Saunders, which will always make me laugh - when Dawn French kept coming in too early, then held a note for far too long, and finally forgot the lyrics and just made up words!!  If you haven't seen the French & Saunders sketch, and know the song already, it's worth watching:


  1. Never seen that clip before but if you did it like that our would be hilarious!

    1. I know, it still makes me laugh whenever I see it, and it will always be at the back of my mind whenever I hear that song!


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