Aspirations, Inspirations & Admirations - Peter Williams

In the second of my "Aspirations, Inspirations & Admirations" series, I am highlighting the work of a "Mighty Fine" Artist indeed - that of Peter Williams, whose work covers a wide range of subject matter from Native American, Wildlife and Western Art to Pets, Landscape, Seascapes and Portraiture.

Peter creates such realism in his work, no matter what medium he uses and the thing that has always generated admiration is the fact that he is entirely self-taught. His talent is obvious, yet he does not appear in any way full of his own worth and is quite happy to take advice if he is struggling with any aspect of a particular piece. I feel as though I know him, since we have communicated on-line via several art forums over the past few years, yet I've never met him in person. I own a couple of his early watercolour paintings as well as a pencil portrait of me which he was using as a practice piece last year. I find it really hard to single out just one of his pieces as a favourite, but I suppose if I had to choose, these three would come fairly high up the ranking - especially as I am such an avid cat lover! These are available as giclee prints on Peter's website here.

"Prime Suspect"
The detail in this coloured pencil drawing is amazing. Not surprisingly, the original is sold.

Enter The Dragonfly
The watercolour painting here is just as finely detailed - again, available as a giclee print from Peter's own website.

The Great Escape
The original of this print was created with Prismacolour coloured pencils, yet again I am amazed at the level of detail attained here. As always, I look at Peter's work and aspire to his level of competence. I think we all need to have someone to measure ourselves against - I do not create anything that is remotely like Peter's work in terms of style or even subject matter, but that does not stop me from admiring his work and using his achievements as a spur to constantly improve my output.

Peter is a guest member of the Rogue Gene Collective also - you can view a selection of his works there by clicking on this link: Rogue Gene Collective.

All images are reproduced with the kind permission of the artist, Peter Williams.