Friday, 16 December 2011

Birthday, Christmas and Concerts.

I just had to share this lovely gift my sister got me for my birthday, since it is a hand-made item which I value! Using hand-made lampwork beads and swarovski crystals, the bracelet is so pretty! My favourite colour is red, and I am a big fan of spots and dots, so the two combined are perfect for me. Thanks to Rachel for buying it, and also to Nichola Foster for designing it in the first place. Nichola sells her jewellery at local craft fairs and online - you can take a look on her Facebook page here, or have a browse in her Folksy shop online here.

I had a lovely Birthday at home, my sis came to visit along with my 2 year old niece, who had bought me a pair of purple stripey socks that are extremely comfy and warm to wear (purple is her favourite colour so she has to get all her family purple items as gifts!) along with a purple diary and pens.

I also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Keith, as well as a box of Black Magic chocolates and a Charcoal grey dress from Joe Browns (my favourite clothes supplier!). Later in the day, my parents came to see me and they gave me a lovely blue cowl necked jumper (again from Joe Browns). I feel very privileged! The evening was topped off with a delicious meal cooked by Keith, which was chateaubriand accompanied with tender-stem broccoli, roast potatoes and carrots - superb.

Our annual Oscars' Night at the theatre went down well with everyone - it's always such a great atmosphere and the combined members of the junior and youth sections always perform well for their relatives and friends. Father Christmas arrived at the end of the awards ceremony, giving the children a gift each (I particularly like that part - it feels like we are rewarding every one of them for their involvement throughout the year).

I've now finished writing and posting the Christmas cards, have been doing a bit more Christmas shopping online today and tonight is the first of two Christmas Carol concerts I will be taking part in with Hull Musical Society. I will be doing one of the readings at the concert, too.

Over the weekend we will be making a start on the set for the January play - which goes on from Tue 24th Jan to Fri 27th and Keith and I are both in it this time.

We have got our Christmas tree up, along with some other bits and bobs, and I'm now actually starting to feel quite festive.

I hope to post again before Christmas, but if I don't get chance, hope you all have a lovely time.