Monday, 20 December 2010

New notepads ready for selling

Here's a sneak preview of some magnetic notepads I created ready for the Christmas Craft Fair that I had to cancel! I have only taken a couple of shots of them in their cellophane wrappers just to give you an idea of what they look like. I will probably be posting them on Etsy in the New Year, or I may even just save them for the re-scheduled craft fair in March/April!

I have modified the design as I've made more of these - the paper I use is always upcycled sheets of paper from various sources - usually printed programmes that are no longer needed or rejected newsletters from BADS. I figured that you only ever write on one side of the paper anyway before throwing it away, so thought it was a good way of utilising the spare sheets we always have in the house. I have also ensured that each sheet of paper is perforated, using a hand held perforating roller - this makes the job of tearing your sheets off the pad much easier!

Some of the pads are deliberately not decorated on the rear side, since the paint can interfere with the sticking on of the magnetic strips, despite using high quality glue.
As you can see, I like to name these creations to give them a "personality" - the two above are named after two great aunts I remembered from my childhood. "Lucy" is a decoupage styled sheet of music which has been overpainted with  gold then yellow acrylic ink.

The daffodil pad is named after my paternal Grandma, Alice Greendale. I think she would have liked it. Phyllis is named after my Nanna, who loved to wear a mixture of black and pink clothing.


  1. love the names - great idea - making emotional bonds with the notepads - LOVELY

  2. I would like to buy Alice notepad - let me know when she is in the shop - no hurry - for my sisters birthday in April xx

  3. That's a lovely idea, giving them meaningful names. 'Phylis' is my fave colour scheme! :)

  4. Thanks girls - yeah, I am particularly drawn to the pink and black scheme,too, Andrea!

    OK Cherry, I will save that one for you!

  5. Beautiful Works !!
    Wish Helen wonderfulHoliday season !!


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