Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Opening Night!

The nerves are kicking in already, with just over 3 hours to go till the play opens!!! I'm just about to start putting my hair in rollers - something I'm not really very good at but I need "big" hair for this play since it is set in the eighties - which just adds to the humour, I guess!

We had a publicity photo and small article in the Holderness Gazette last Thursday, but as yet not much more from the local media. It seems as though  they only cover productions that take place at the large theatres in Hull - such as The New Theatre and Hull Truck, which is a shame really as we used to get a lot of coverage in the Hull Daily Mail.

If anyone out there fancies a job as an independent reviewer for the local amdram scene here (on a voluntary basis, mind) I'm sure it would go down well.

My bra strap snapped and the label on one of my shoes came off at last night's rehearsal - making a very strange noise as my foot stuck to the shoe where the label used to be! Both ahve now been rectified so it's all systems go. Our Tuesday night audience is mainly made up of members from local Old People's Homes and they always come out expecting a good laugh, in fact it's often difficult to speak due to their laughter, but at least it's called for this time! I will report back on the opening night tomorrow.

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