Tuesday, 13 September 2011

New logo/label/banner

After much deliberation and playing around with ideas, I have finally come up with a new logo for my Facebook Page, based on some of my most popular creations. This will be something I intend to print onto labels and stick to the plain paper carrier bags I use at craft fairs when people buy anything from me, and therefore needed to show off my wares as well as have a link to my personal website. I didn't want a bold coloured image like the previous one I had (which was the "3 Wise Men and an Interloper" painting) as I think a softer colour is more attractive to potential customers. Here is the finished design:

I have customised the design slightly to use it on my Etsy shop front too, as a banner. I have tried to incorporate the image into my blog, but obviously need more lessons on how to do such a thing first as I have not yet managed it!

My twitter account will hopefully also be displaying this new design at some point soon. I think that, due to the upturn of sales in the smaller items that I create, this "re-branding" is something that I've needed to do.


  1. Oooh, really like this. Looks ace! :)

  2. Thanks Andrea - I took so long deciding which of my images to use and how to incorporate the name!


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