Friday, 28 October 2011

How cats help us!

I'm sure anyone who's ever owned (or been owned by) a cat will recognise the sight that follows. It seems that no matter what I try to do, Oscar always wants to "help". It both infuriates and amuses me at the same time. Usually, I am fighting to keep his paws, whiskers and tail away from glue, paint, scissors, knives or water pots full of dirty water whenever I am creating. The minute I sit down at a table, in front of my PC, or on my stool in the studio, I know it's only a matter of time before I am joined by my feline friend and constant companion!

It should therefore have come as no surprise when I was working my way steadily through the entry forms for the Hornsea Speech & Drama Festival to see him flirt his way from his tower, onto the dining table and on top of the pile of forms I was trying to fill in. At first he just sat on them and looked down at the pen and papers. Soon, he'd settled into lazy cat mode, front feet tucked neatly under him and eyes suitably drowsy enough for me to feel guilty if I so much as contemplated removing him. Luckily, he is a very placid cat and I was able to simply lift him from the table to his hammock on the radiator without a murmur. I did, however, sneak a couple of photos in first - just to show what he's like!

I think cats are ace. I know a lot of people really have a strong dislike for them, which I will never understand - some people are simply dog lovers and refuse to warm to cats, but I like dogs as much as I like cats - I just seem to understand cats more!

By the way, as I type this, I am perched on the very edge of my oh-so-comfy swivel chair in the study because, yes, you've guessed it - Oscar is snoozing on most of the seat behind me!


  1. This pleases me very much - my little ball of fur is the same! She particularly loves to sleep on top of all my freshly clean laundry & leave her trademark grey hairs all over it! x


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