Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bin Buddies Blog Spot: Art of Recycling Exhibition

I recently met two of the girls from this team of  LifeStyle members - Katie was on holiday at the time, but I was very impressed with the skills and dedication shown by Evie and Liv so far. Their theme for the project has been recycling and last year they concentrated on making several clocks using materials that were destined for the rubbish bin. They have continued with that idea this year, but also have created some stunning pieces of art using recycled materials. The girls came to chat with me, supposedly to ask my advice on what else they could create for their exhibition - but to be honest, I think they could've given me more advice based on their efforts so far. I did at least give them some materials to use, play around with and some ideas for smaller items that they could possibly sell at the exhibition. Unfortunately, I will be busy myself this coming Sunday, as I'm selling my creations at a Fun Day in aid of HERIB (Hull & East Riding Institute for the Blind). However, I will hopefully be able to see the girls when they start to put their exhibition together at some point on Saturday. Here's the link to their blog page detailing the exhibition.

Bin Buddies Blog Spot: Art of Recycling Exhibition: We are holding an exhibition of art made from recycled materials - this is in aid of Special Smiles, to fund a trip to Honeysuckle Farm for ...

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