Friday, 24 September 2010

Rob Kirbyson's Blog

I'm pleased to report that another of my Rogue Gene Collective colleagues, Rob Kirbyson, has started to write a blog. Rob's talent for writing is equal to that of his artwork and I'm sure if you  take a look at his posts, you will find yourself literally "LOL" ing on numerous occasions!

My favourite to date is his latest post about fish, and seafood in general. As ever, Rob has managed to accompany his post with some of his own works of art -  I particularly like "Hostile Organism"  - it is so well rendered and has a beauty about it, yet at the same time it gives me the shivers. That's what Rob's work often does to me, however, and is one of the reasons I am such a fan.


Please comment on any aspect of my posts - it's always nice to know when someone has taken the time to actually read my blog, so it matters little what you say, it's just good to hear from you!