Monday, 4 October 2010

Video Editing

Despite the fact that I don't particularly like cold, wet, windy and grey days here in East Yorkshire, I am actually quite pleased that the weather has been so for the past week. It has meant that I can continue (along with Keith, my husband) editing the video and still photography that we took on our cruise holiday earlier this year. We usually edit a combination of still and video photography for every holiday or special event soon afterwards. This time, however, we were busy preparing for a play as soon as we got back, so the editing process took a back seat. 

I just wanted to share this really short clip of the footage we managed to get inside the Papyrus making factory  - just a small shot, but it shows the style of artwork created . The final painting is the one we bought to have in our home, which is now framed (by Keith) and on our living room wall.


  1. Wow, that is impressive. I love the artwork that you purchased. :)

  2. Sure enjoyed this blog and video, sharing!


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