Sunday, 16 January 2011

Forthcoming production

The poster above is to advertise the forthcoming production by the amateur dramatic society of which I have been a member for over 20 years. My mind is overflowing with things to remember at this stage prior to a performance - it seems that this production in particular has given me even more things to think about.

A brief check-list would probably be something along the lines of:
1. Poster designed and printed.
2. Performance Rights applied for and paid.
3. Newsletter designed, written, printed, folded, stuffed into envelopes and posted to our patrons.
4. Front of House staff organised.
5. Source all props required.
6. Publicise on websites and pass on media contacts to resident Publicity Officer
7. Clean and tidy theatre including toilets, dressing room, stage and auditorium
8. Paint the required "scene" on the stage (the biggest job of all so far)
9. Distribute posters locally.
10. Check cast have all costume required.

I can at least say that most of those items are checked - however, I have been painting the back wall of the stage (an area of approximately 13.5ft wide by 8ft high) to represent the terrace and views out from a villa in the Sierra Blanca region of Spain.  This painting is becoming so much a part of my life that I am dreaming about the next stage each time I close my eyes! I have repainted whole areas of it on more than one occasion, and am sure I will still be adding to it right up to the opening night. I am also desperately trying to locate several ceramic ornaments/vases or money boxes cheaply that will break easily each night. Keith, my husband and fellow BADS fanatic, has already tried in the local Poundland, Wilko, Home Bargains and Boyes (a general store that often has really cheap household items) but to no avail. I went to Pound-stretcher this afternoon once I'd had enough of painting some bougainvillea that so far looks like some strange alien purple cloud formation (even though I know it will look better than that when I've finished, I hate letting others see my work in progress so am obviously stressing about this now). Pound-stretcher had some vases in that were £3.99. I would rather not spend that much per night (plus extras for rehearsing with) so am determined that tomorrow I will spend the morning scouring charity shops instead - and have a day off the painting!

Anyway, I have really enjoyed directing and producing this play, it still makes me laugh at rehearsals and the cast have all been very reliable and happy to be directed by me (or at least they appear to be).

You can read all about it on the Facebook Event I have created here.!/event.php?eid=182877285069255

I do plan to post photos of the scenic painting in progress, once I have the courage to share them!


  1. Performance rights / payments must be a pain in the arse. Just to stay this side of the law.

  2. Thanks Andrea.

    Rob, yeah but the performance rights are there for the author to earn a bit more money from his/her writing. Expensive, since the publisher obviously take their cut, but I can at least see the need for it. This play was £87 per performance.


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