Monday, 21 March 2011

Back to reality..

I've recently returned from a lovely 10 day break in Tenerife, and after unpacking, washing, food shopping etc, it's now back to reality. Craft Fair preparations are ongoing, including arranging a tombola stall, distributing posters, contacting more of the local media, trying to get more prizes for the competitions - my powers of persuasion are really being put to the test now!

However, I just wanted to share some samples of my holiday with you - I've just uploaded 186 photos to my PC, but you'll be pleased to know that I will only be showing you a small selection for now! I tend to take far more photos that I need, as I can't help but view everything as a potential subject for a future painting!

Holidays are great, and I really  enjoy them no matter how short or wherever I go, but it's always nice to be back home. Our cats are always looked after by our neighbour, who comes in twice daily to feed them and generally make a fuss over them, yet it's nice that they seem pleased to see us on our return - well, at least one of them is!
Isn't this tree so much like a hand?

This sign was on the wall leading to our room  - it made us laugh every time we walked past it!

Just a shopping centre, but I loved the decor and style so much!

Beautiful leaves of a palm tree in the evening.

Orca at Loro Parque being treated after a performance. Beautiful creatures.

Typical palm tree against a perfect blue sky.

I loved this display of the Bird of Paradise plants in the foyer of our hotel.


  1. Welcome back! Hope you both had a great break. Love the photos, espec the hand shaped tree! Good luck with the craft fair prep. x

  2. Great pics Aitch. I've smoked a few of those plants in my youth... We need a holiday.

  3. Great pics! Look forward to seeing the rest. x

  4. I am only going to say one thing before that rush of jealousy sweeps in. Lucky You

  5. Thanks everyone - we did have a great time. Yeah, Rob, I think everyone needs a holiday - a break of any description just does you so much good.

    Ha ha, Ralph!


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