Thursday, 3 March 2011

Countdown to Craft Fair

In just over 4 weeks I will be taking part in the Spring Craft Fair that I have been planning on behalf of Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society. I have been contacting  the local media and on-line events based web-sites in order to promote the event as much as possible in the run up. Eventful have enabled me to use a widget from the entry I added to their web-site in order to countdown the days until the actual event, which is quite handy!

I will be writing more about the Craft Fair as the weeks go by, and post any updates on here regularly. Thanks to Andrea Farmer for posting it on her blog already - she will be selling some of her ethereal landscape paintings and wearable art via me on the two days!

If you know anyone who lives in the East Yorkshire area and is looking to buy or browse some original pieces of art in many forms, please share this blog post with them or use the poster to advertise!

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