Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sold - wooden trinket box.

I sold "Africana" last weekend - this little wooden trinket box which I decorated with Decopatch. I sold it to my Mother, which I think doesn't really count because she is biased about my work - but I'm also sure that she wouldn't spend money on something she didn't really like so that fact balances it out for me! It will be used as a jewellery box by her.

My sister also bought one of my new mini notebooks. She is similar to me in her list-making, and will be using it to keep a record of all the books she reads this year. It's nice to know what use my creations will get, for a change.

My sister bought the green notebook - which comes with a free pencil.

"Africana" - on the right of this photo, is the trinket box sold to my Mother.
I would have not sold anything at all at the craft fair last weekend if it hadn't been for my family, actually - and that's a first for me. Even my Dad bought a yo-yo for my niece, so it was a true family affair. I really appreciated their support on what would otherwise have been a very disheartening day!

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