Friday, 16 March 2012

Wolds Village Spring Open Exhibition

I recently dropped off my two entries for the Spring Open Exhibition at Wolds Village in Bainton, and had a little mooch around their gift shop too. Keith couldn't resist buying some edibles and I was sorely tempted by a whole range of craft items - not just for me, but for creating things with Matheea, Evie and Charlotte, too. (In case you don't know, Matheea and Evie are my two grand-daughters - well, Keith's really, but since I'm married to him, I regard them as mine. Charlotte is my niece- my sister's daughter.) I also enjoyed looking in the upstairs room of the gift shop, which has lots of antique bits and bobs - there's something almost magical about looking at antiques, I find. It's the thought of "who? where? when?" as you look at an object, and imagine the answers - who owned it previously, where did they live and when did they own it etc.  I think a lot of antique furniture is just so beautiful to look at, too. I don't own any antique furniture but I do like looking at it.

Anyway, the exhibition runs from Friday 16th March to Wednesday 18th April and is held at the Gallery on the Wolds, Wolds Village, Bainton, Nr Driffield, YO25 9EF. If you are in the area or know anyone who is during that time, please pop in - it's free entry and it will be a varied exhibition. Afterwards, why not have a coffee or tea in their popular restaurant or browse in the gift shop?

Here are the two paintings I've entered - I think they are suitably "Spring" like, don't you?

"Colossus of Roads" - acrylic on canvas.
"Anniversary Flowers" - acrylic on canvas.

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