Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Betterware buy!

I have just received this lightweight and colourful plastic cake stand from Betterware at a very reasonable price of £5.99. I bought it to display my mini cup-cake trinket boxes at craft fairs. Now I need to make sure I have enough to fill it for the next time I'm at an event! It is easily dismantled and therefore easy to transport, too! I wouldn't recommend it for anything heavy, however - but it's ideal for these little treasures!

You can order one for yourself online here, but I placed my order with my local representative a couple of weeks ago so didn't have to pay postage.

I've just noticed, they also have a metal stand on offer at the moment - reduced to £5.49, so cheaper than the plastic one - but probably not suitable for my designs, although cake-makers may find it useful!


  1. First time I've looked at your blog Aitch - love it! I'll be checking in again. Mel M.


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