Friday, 5 October 2012

Cupcake Display Board

I've recently finished designing and painting a new display board in the shape of a cup-cake in order to display my little wooden cup-cake key-rings/bag charms. Keith cut the board out for me once I'd drawn out the basic shape, and attached the stand at the back, then drilled in 40 holes ready for inserting some square hooks on which to hang said cup-cakes!

Obviously I now have the task of painting all those plain wooden key-rings, but hopefully that should be achieved before my next craft fair, which is the Made and Sold in Hull Market on Saturday 13th October - you can see the event details on the Facebook page by clicking on this link here.


  1. Love your display board, your little cupcakes look great on it. It is a shame I am working on the 13th Oct, as I would have popped down to say hello. I hope the Made and Sold in Hull Market goes well for you xxx


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