Monday, 28 January 2013

Decopatch Cat

Inspired recently by Andrea Farmer's up cycled bird ornament on her blog post (Decoupage bird), I thought I'd do the same thing with a "joke" Christmas gift I received. My step-daughter and I have a long tradition of buying each other tacky or cheap items that are sometimes also useful, but will always make us laugh. This year I got two items. One was a glitzy gold evening bag, which I was challenged to use in a play. Fortunately, that was easy and I wore it on stage last week in our latest production at Bilton - much to Gill's delight! The second gift was a white plastic cat pencil sharpener- with "litter tray" (as yet untouched by decopatch) to catch the pencil sharpenings. The pencil goes into the cat's bum, and as it does so, a miaow is heard! Tacky, but true. I've since decorated it with decopatch paper in an animal print design, here's how it looks now (sorry but I can't seem to get decent shots of it with it being so glossy) and during the decopatch process:

I think it's a vast improvement and I've made more use of a tacky ornament/pencil sharpener/toy! Thanks for the inspiration, Andrea!


  1. Looks great and not at all tacky and what a fun item.

  2. Thanks Ralph. I think it's probably just a bit strange to think of shoving a pencil up a cat's bum!

  3. LOL, that is great! But, yes, poor cat ... who thinks of these 'novel' things??? ;)

  4. :) Thanks Andrea and Cherry. x


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