Saturday, 23 January 2010

That'll Be The Day - Concert

Last night we went to the Hull New Theatre as part of my husband's birthday gift - I'd got tickets to see a musical show called "That'll Be The Day" which promised to be a combination of nostalgic rock & roll numbers and some great comedy. We had a meal in the theatre cafe prior to the show commencing at 7.30, which made the evening just a bit nicer, somehow!

The show has now been running for 25 years and is a really popular show with many people watching it over and over again. I don't think we will be watching it again - it's well performed and did make us laugh, but not enough to want to go again. The thing that neither of us really likes is "audience participation" and, even though it wasn't mandatory, when the rest of the audience stand up when told to, you feel like you must, too! To be fair, most people were loving it, waving their arms from side to side, jiving in the aisles etc, but I would just rather sit in my seat and enjoy it, so that's what we ended up doing. Some might think we are miserable for doing so, I would just rather make my own mind up about such things!

I have to admit to crying at one point, however - simply because the Buddy Holly song "True Love Ways" always sets me off on an emotional journey back in time. My uncle used to play this on his guitar and sing it, and he died in 1990 whilst living with our family.

There were several impersonations and "TV clips" from bygone years played on the screen at the rear of the stage in between the costume changes - all were very good. I loved some of the women's costumes!

The show didn't finish until 10.30pm and I would recommend it to anyone who likes 50s/60s and early 70s rock and roll.

They have only just started their tour season for this year, but all the dates can be found on their web-site: That'll Be The Day

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