Wednesday, 3 March 2010

12 Angry Pigs

The title of this post is the title of one of the short plays we are hoping to direct with the Youth Section this summer at Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society. You can read the full play online by clicking on the title of this post, which takes you to the web-page where I discovered it.

Today we have been casting 4 short plays - and looking for pig masks for this particular play. The best ones we found were these:
They are realistic-looking, but only cover the top half of the face, so the actors can still speak without being restricted in any way! The masks are available online from Silly Jokes and we will need to order 12 before the summer!

The other plays we are hoping to perform include 3 short plays written by Johnny Ball. "Mind The Trains" is set in a railway station and includes a talking weighing machine, a Porter wearing a boxing glove and an Irishman to name but a few. Johnny Balls plays are fun to watch, but they need to be well-acted since a lot of the humour is dependent on the lines being delivered clearly, since the humour is word-related! The second of his play is "The Sins of Cinderella", which is one we have done before with the Junior group. This is a pantomime-esque scene and perhaps the funniest character of all in this one is the Odd Bod. He/she has to do all the sound effects which include an orchestra tuning up, a donkey and a clock chiming each stroke of 12.

Finally, "Full of Eastern Promise" is a play for 5 characters and a lot of difficult lines to learn! Characters such as "Iyam, the jailor" make the humour twice as funny when identities are confused already!

Tonight we will be giving the parts to the members of the Youth section and beginning to rehearse all 4 short plays, which will only require minimal staging and props to bring them to life.

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