Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New notepad for Spring!

Today I have been doing some traditional "Spring cleaning". What started out as just a bit of a tidy-up this morning turned into a bit of an all-day clean of the living room, hall and bathroom! I haven't touched our bedroom or the kitchen yet, but now that I'm in the mood it may just happen tomorrow. I have also been getting rid of some of the clutter that I used to call ornaments. I love cats, and have sometimes bought souvenir cat ornaments from places we've travelled to. However, there was a period when all I seemed to get for gifts were things cat-related and I feel enough is enough! I am keeping a few of my favourite ones, but I feel so much better for having a bit of a clear-out. I have also just had some photos taken of my latest note-pad, which I have aptly named Spring Fever! I will be posting it on Etsy when I get time either later this evening or tomorrow, but here's a sneak preview of it before then. The above view is of it hanging on a wall in our living room. The whole of the note-pad board is decorated, however, and can be seen in the image below.

I think I need some food now - once I get stuck into a job I tend to forget about eating - it's the same when I'm creating things, too. I think I just heard my lovely husband say something about chips, mmmmm, one of my favourite trashy snacks. McCain's Southern Fries!

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