Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Latest painting

 Aitch At Sea
Today I have finally decided to upload my most recent painting to my web-site. The idea behind this painting is that I have the letter "H" (my alias is the spelling for the letter "H" - Aitch) embedded within the painting. I plan to create a small series of these paintings with my initial letter hidden in one way or another, either in a subtle way or an obvious one. I have been in two minds about this one for ages, but as it's been hanging on my hall wall for over a week now, I have grown to like it more and more. I used some lovely acrylic inks in the sea part of the painting, which catch the light beautifully every now and then. The painting is 8 x 10 inches (that's 20 x 25cm for metrically minded folk!). It will be available for sale on my personal website and on the Affordable British Art website  should you wish to have a look at it in more detail and maybe think about purchasing!

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  1. I like abstracts - there's always so much to see - and each time you look you see something new. Knowing there is a hidden element is great fun!


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