Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Opening night at BADS

The opening night for Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society last night at the Bilton Theatre was a great success. The audience loved both plays and responded really well to all the humour. We were very happy at the end of the evening. One of the nicest compliments we received was from two members of our Youth Section who watched it. They said that they hardly recognised Keith - not because of how he looked, but because he seemed to be a totally different person. Well, by any standards that must be a sign of how well he acted, so I am obviously proud of my soul-mate and co-actor!

Tonight is the night that we are performing in front of the Vicar of St Peter's Church in Bilton, Rev. Richard Major - hope he likes the plays and comes back next time!!

It's looking likely that word of mouth is increasing the numbers of audience members, too - I've had several messages today asking if people can come along tonight without booking! My artwork has taken a bit of a back seat this week, but I am really enjoying being in the production, as is everyone else involved. Keith and I walked to a local village this morning to do some shopping and on the way there and back we just went through our play - we like to try and be word perfect, so we believe that you can't over-rehearse, even during the week!

Carol and Dave Hawxwell in a scene from "For Starters", which is the first play of the evening in our production this week.

Below is another photo taken from the production of "Purvis" that my husband and I are performing in:


  1. I'd be so scared - well done - great photos

  2. something that I could never do, but I can admire from afar!


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