Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Knit 'n' natter

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon at a Knit and Natter session with my sister- who is a knitter (albeit sporadically), and met a group of really nice women. As my only attempts at knitting have ever produced trapezium-shaped rectangles, I thought I would take some of my long-forgotten cross-stitch kits instead, so that I wasn't just nattering!

Organised by a local company called Little Houndales Knits, the session was based there -in the home of owner, Kath Foster. Little Houndales Knits are suppliers of home-spun yarn from their flock of Suffolk X sheep (although I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure what the 'X' stands for!) as well as stockists of many more yarns and accessories for knitting including Noro, Debbie Bliss, Araucania and Louisa Harding.

They have a website detailing prices for the yarn etc here:Little Houndales Knits and also have a page on Facebook if you wish to join: Little Houndales FB

My sister had taken with her a baby blanket that she'd started knitting when she was pregnant with her daughter, who is now 20 months old. She was really pleased to have received some help from Kath with the pattern, as she was struggling to work out where she'd got to with it. I was happy to sit with a cup of tea doing some cross-stitch that I had almost forgotten I'd had. I was even more pleased when i was joined by a young girl called Tess (whose mother was also in the room with us) who showed such an interest in the cross stitch that I let her do some of it - we had a great time, and because I managed to find a small piece of aida, I could give her some threads and a needle to take home with her and do the design she'd created on it - a tortoise.

I will be going to these knit and natter sessions again (they are to be run twice monthly, I believe) whether I take up my version of knitting or not, as it was such a change to be in a different sort of creative environment. Furthermore, Kath was so hospitable that we stayed a lot longer than the 4pm end time advertised! The Little Houndales company was only established in September 2010 and already it is proving very popular - word of mouth and personal recommendations have obviously helped, so I will be doing my bit too. One of the other things that I'm looking forward to seeing next time is their Mafana bags, which they will be stocking soon - check out the images on the website to read all about these: Mafana Bags.

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  1. Knitting. I now realise that this is indeed a marvellous art. Sadly the word knitting always makes me think of needles click clicking. I found it so distracting when young and it has etched on my memory. I enjoyed reading your post .


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