Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gift Sets for Mother's Day

Here are a couple of images of my most recent works, one of which is a complete set that I intend to sell as a gift set for Mother's Day - the other is nearly a full set, I'm just waiting for the third item to dry!

I've also painted a couple more A5 sized notebooks, all in preparation for a craft fair this Saturday at the Marist Hall, on Cottingham Road in Hull. There is an event on Facebook for it, which you can look at it in detail by clicking here. The event will open in a new window.


  1. These are lovely. I adore giraffes! :)

  2. Thanks Andrea - I know, I actually think I adore a lot of animals, starting with cats, of course. Monkeys are cute, and elephants, giraffes, dogs, meerkats, badgers....I could go on! :)


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