Friday, 19 February 2010

New craft project

I am so excited as I have just taken delivery of a blank mdf notepad board from HomeCrafts Direct. Here is a link to the page from their web-site: Notepad Board.

They arrive blank and can be decorated with paint, stickers, fabric, foam, feathers - the list is endless, I guess! I am hoping to get some decorated in time for Mother's Day on 14th March here in the UK! I have already painted the background of one in a lovely shade of metallic blue in acrylic paint. I will probably be basing my designs on some of my existing paintings, or even offering personalised ones with names on if desired.

Now that I have bought some of these, I can see that I will be persuading my husband to make me more!!!! We have lots of mdf spare in the garage and he is a keen DIY person anyway, so it makes sense! I will also attach some magnetic strips to the back of these so that they can be stuck to the fridge for use as shopping lists or reminders!

Whenever I buy anything new that's remotely arty or crafty I get such a buzz - the initial excitement seems to drive me forward into actually creating something almost immediately.

I will be posting them on here and offering them up for sale on Etsy once I have finished the first one!

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  1. Look forward to seeing what you create with this blank notepad :)


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