Friday, 15 June 2012

Look what I won!

I rarely win things in competitions - I nearly ALWAYS win on raffles or tombolas, but prize giveaways have always eluded me somehow. That is until this week, when I was delighted to have won this handy little pocket-sized book on pub walks in  East Yorkshire! Including 15 walks ranging in length from 2.5 miles to 6.5 (with several having shorter versions as well) it covers a wide are of the East Yorkshire countryside from as far North as Bridlington and as far South as Welton. Each walk is clearly set out with a map and steps relating to the written description so that you know exactly where you should be at every step (no pun intended) of the walk. Many photos of the pubs mentioned are included, and OS details clearly identified.

I can't wait for the thunderstorms to disappear so that we can try some of the walks out (hopefully followed by a hearty pub lunch).

I won the book simply by "liking" the Seaside FM Facebook page, which I have done for some time now, and my name was picked as the winner!  I was asked to send them a photo of my with the book, so thought I'd share it on here as well. When I do one of the walks, I will try to include a photo of me with the book as I go along!

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