Saturday, 2 June 2012

Cute Cup-Cakes!

I've recently painted/embellished a set of 10 small wooden key rings in the shape of cup cakes, and here is a photo of 6 of them - the other 4 are still drying. I displayed these 6 at the "Handbags & Gladrags" event on Thursday evening, using my little wooden mannequin to display them on.

I just think they're so cute! They measure approximately 1 and a half inches high and are painted identically on both sides. Sadly, I never sold any of them on Thursday, but at least I have a full set of 10 to upload onto my Etsy shop or Facebook Page (or maybe both).

I'm selling them at £1.50 each, which I think is very reasonable considering the amount of detail that's gone into each one.

Here's the full set, with a couple of close-up shots of one or two as well.

For once, I haven't given my creations names, as I really don't think it's possible with these. For ease of reference, I'm using the basic colours of the top part of the cup-cake!


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